Pond Life


A pair of wild ducks, newts, water boatmen, wiggly things, more wiggly things … I’ll need the Observer book of Pond Life to get much further. The frog spawn has disappeared (consults reference book) and no sign of the tadpoles. The Gunnera is visibly growing. A notebook and a ruler should keep you occupied here for a good week.

I love ponds and I’m building another one up the garden but to avoid it drying out in the Summer, like our clay lined wildlife pond, this one is prefabricated. It has also been disowned by my other half who says it is ‘Suburban’. But my Suburban Pond is already home to three frogs and hasn’t any weed in it yet. By the time the weed has grown, the fishes are in and the grass has grown around it, it will be have blended in and become country, like the rest of us.